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We serve all of North MS and the surrounding areas.

Are you prepared for a major storm?


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Stay out of the eye of the storm

Know you'll be safe in any storm

Breathe easy knowing you and your family will be protected from the next tornado with the ironclad products of Bost Tornado Shelters.


Our steel safe rooms can be installed in one day during home construction or in a garage after.

Specifications on our steel saferooms

- 4'x6' and 4' x 8'

- Custom sizes available

- Inside height - 6'4"

- No permanent seating for personal customization

- Wheelchair accessible

- Door swings to inside

- Three 3/4" latch pins inside with locking dead bolt

- Constructed with heavy 2" square tube frame and 1/4" steel plate

- Anchored with 10 1/2" x 4" Red Head Wedge anchor bolts

- Strongest safe room and anchoring system available

With over 20 years of experience you get the best.