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Heavy-duty storm protection

Keep your family safe and secure during the next major storm with the life-saving products of Bost Tornado Shelters.


These shelters come in two pieces and are assembled on site.

Above-ground specifications

5 x 8 Above-ground shelter:

- 6'10" inside height

- wall thickness - 6"

- wheelchair accessible

- door has steel frame with 1/8" plate steel on both sides     and has three latch points. The heavy duty door swings only to the inside, allowing you to open the door if an object blocks the front of the door. The door handle will lock and  unlock with a single motion.

- two 8" heavy duty impact resistant metal vents

- Stubbed for electricity

- four anchors screwed 2 feet in the ground with 2 straps on the shelter

- approx. weight - 22,000 lbs.

- easily accommodates 8 individuals


6 x 12 Above-ground shelter:

- same as the 5 x 8 shelter except for the following

- approx. weight - 34,000 lbs.

- easily accommodates 14 individuals

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